Tel: +1(284)494-2830

Tel: +1(284)494-2830


Here you will find the most recent Parts & Power Ltd service tips. Click on the appropriated tile to read the full tip article.

#1 Coolant Quality: Corrosion

One of the biggest service issues that have come to plague us in the last 15 years is coolant quality. It used to be that when the radiator or header tank was low, we would just...

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#2 Standby Generator Annual Maintenance

As Hurricane Season rapidly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about doing your Annual Maintenance on your Standby Generator. What does...

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#3 Heat Exchanger Corrosion in Marine Engines

Many Perkins or Perkins Sabre marine engines have heat exchanger housing made of aluminium. Aluminium offers great weight savings over the old...

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#4 Engine Guages, Senders and Troubleshooting

Engine gauges, such as Coolant Temperature, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature and Gear Oil Pressure work on resistance. The amount of...

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#5 Is Your Generator Reliable? Is Your Maintenance Up To Date?

Parts & Power Ltd believes that by educating our customers on their generator they can get longer life, more trouble free use and greater value...

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#6 What is SCA and How it Affects an Engine's Life?

All coolants come with an Active Ingredient we generically call Supplemental Coolant Additives, or SCA. The purpose of this ingredient is to...

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#7 Why Purchase from Parts & Power Ltd?

We carry over $1 million in spare parts inventory/We are committed to excellent service and carry the parts to support that. We have a service department...

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#8 Switches vs. Senders and What They Do

A common misunderstanding many people have is what a gauge sender and switch are and what job they do. We often times get requests for an...

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#9 Senders vs. Switches and What They Do

In our last Service Tip, we discussed what a Switch is. A common misunderstanding many people have is what a gauge sender and switch...

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#10 EPA Tier III and What It Means to the Consumer

The US Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union (EU) began a series of Legislative Initiatives back in the 90’s to reduce the levels of...

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#11 Why Do maintenance?

On a recent trip down island, I was told by several customers that they haven’t changed oil in 2-3 years, because the engine does not run very much. They quote a 500 hour oil...

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#12 Diesel Engines Are Simple

A little over a year ago I had spinal surgery.  It was not something I wanted to do and, indeed, did everything I could to avoid it.  In the process, I saw 13 different health professionals...

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#13 Diesel Emission and Why They Affect Equipment

In the year 2000, the Industrialized Countries of the World started enacting Diesel Engine Emission Regulations. In the US these were initiated by...

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#14 Environment Blog

I was sitting at the Charter Boats annual meeting and amongst all of the usual points brought up, marina fees, pickup points, and caterers. I found it very interesting that everyone was really...

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#15 Isspro Enhanced Visibility (EV) Gauges

Parts & Power have been Warehouse Distributors for Isspro Instrumentation for over 20 years. Isspro, based in Portland Oregon, started their...

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